Jun 29, 2013

Forever Alone

Lately I have been feeling lonely.Maybe because most of my friends have outgrown certain lifestyle of maybe I have outgrown certain things but lately all I do is sit at home and stare at my laptop whole day.Some days I get annoyed with the fact how friendless I am but sometimes I feel glad.HAHAHAHAHAHA but now if you ask me,I feel being alone is not such a bad thing.You have less drama and you don't need to depend on people for happiness. I mean in life, at some point I'm sure people are so busy and per-occupied with whatever they are doing.I mean doesn't mean you always be there for someone doesn't mean they will do the same so therefore it is not so bad for being alone.I embrace my alone time and slowly learning to go out alone.doing shopping and shit like that.I feel ok la.Not that awkward also.Like they say it's better being alone than with someone that make you feel alone.

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