Jul 4, 2013

Ostrich Farm,Port Dickson

 So before we left Port Dickson we decided we must visit Ostrich Farm and see Mr.D have never actually visited an Ostrich Farm before so we went.Ok to be honest the place was kinda dodgy but anyway is was ok la.not that bad la.We bought some of the food to feed the ostrich and other farm animals.

 then there was like a cafe in the farm and they offered food to their visitor and Mr.D wanted to try their ostrich meat so we had ostrich omelet and ostrich satay.I must say it was surprising good ah but what an irony that the ostrich is just beside the cafe while we are happily eating their whoever relative.so effin weird please!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

There's us being jakuns.Standing on the ostrich egg because apparently it can hold up to 100kg of body weight so I guess we don't weight 100kg yet?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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