Feb 19, 2011

Day 3

ok day 3 plan fail again!GONE LA ME!!i can say it was raining and all but no excuses.i failed on day 3 :( since tml is my off day again YIPPEE!!i shall try to make an extra effort la.aihz i feel so useless right now.hmm...but i was happy to see hf la.she is back for the weekend :) lepak at her house till now.later around 8am must wake up d go market.confirm gg.com d one me.hahahahaha ok i must pick myself from where i left and start my routine again.this is sad.i am writing down my journal of failure in exercising.hf ask me to sign up for a gym!for 1 month?u must be kidding me!i rather go run around the park.being cheapscake i know but i am saving for something big this year so yeah.there's so many things i wanna buy u know!so it's like i wanna save as much as i can and there is so many places i wanna go.today's work was slightly better la!but i was feeling depressed too.i wonder why nobody bothered talking to me in office ah?hmmm maybe not same channel guar.but what to do being the youngest there,maybe the generation gap guar.but newayz it's not important la.the most important thing is I AM ENDING MY INTERNSHIP SOON!so happy!I can't wait to stop waking up early in the morning all!give me back my freedom!muhahahahahahahaha i can almost smell it.so close yet so far aihz newayz ya pls wish me luck in completing my 1 months plan.i hope it won't be an epic failure :(

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