Nov 14, 2008

can u believe how red was my hair last time?hahaha i'm having period now so bad mood so look trough all the picture and found myself wif red hair and i'm bored so blog ni la!i dunno what to do?too bored lioa!!!!i wish i had a car!a real cool car or a bf wif car here in kl or a fren wif car but no!none of my fren haf!!so that's the sad story of my life?more or so sad la!ok sick is so no fun!no wonder those patient in hospital bored to death and wanna go back lik all the time!!now i know what they feel!i wan go shopping but it's raining out there!so bored!i wanna dye my hair but dunno wanna dye what colour but at the same time i lazy la......i dunno y!!lik waste money coz i dunno i can maintain my hair anot?no place to go nobody to show my nice pretty face and all so what for right?so sad right my life?i know!i'm totally feeling the pain!!hahahaha wtf am i talking it is my pain!!damn i officially lost it again!!i dunno y nowdays i feel lost!lik a lost puppy but i'm alwiz lost so no biggie!!hahahahaha

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