Nov 14, 2008

i duwan haf a bf d!!!!!tired!!i wanna be single la!!i forgot how is it lik to be single d and i wanna be single!!y i wanna be single???i tell u why!!
  • i can go out whenever i wan
  • i can flirt with whoever i wan
  • no need think bout them
  • no need hear their stupid opinion
  • i alwiz haf to think bout their feeling how bout mine?
  • i can shop lik hell
  • no need ppl control me
  • i get total freedom
  • love myself more
  • more time for myself
  • guys are lik tak boleh pakai nowdays!i trust myself more
  • i can live without a bf!
  • i can go get drink kiss a guy and not feel bad bout it
  • i can haf bitch fit
  • i can be bad temper
  • i can cry whenever i lik

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