Oct 16, 2012

Rewind pls

It's been more than a year now that i have left Penang.It's still hard to believe that i have started a whole new life here.Penang is now like a forgotten past.It's still feel like yesterday.Doing my assignment now at this hour make me reminiscence the time we had there rushing for assignment in Mcd.I really wish I could turn back time and relive our last remaining days there.Where we really did found company in each other during our most vulnerable times.I really miss those days.Not that I am saying I am very miserable here in KL but i wish both of them would be here.Without her,I feel like i have left a limp in Penang.Nothing is complete without her and without him,where would i go to rant?who's gonna sit with till the wee hours to talk about our problems?I am happy now with Mr.D but I would be happier if they were here with me.I am not saying my friends now is horrible but i just miss them so much.Maybe life here is not exactly how i wan it to be.Maybe i would love to have more company when i am having some arguments with Mr.D or maybe i want some girlie time with foong yi babe doing our shopping&gossiping&camwhoring everywhere or maybe i just want someone to drag me to the mamak at 2am just to watch some miserable football match and let me kutuk him all the way back.in a week we can have baskins by gurney,club till i puke my lungs out and then have some homecook food after a horrible day but then i do have some memories i would like to erase off.some memories that i do not wish to have.some people that i wished i would walk away from the day we said hi yet with every horrible ppl comes with a gift and they are called friends.

  Friends that you can keep is rare nowadays and friends that u can keep,and play and laugh with is even more rare.My days in Penang would be unbearable without them to lighten me up.at some point everyone leaves.harsh truth but is true.now that my macbookie died on me,it makes it even more harder because i can't look at the pictures as i wish anymore.why am i ranting this at this time of the day?i blame it on hormones!!!must be the PMS!
 i guess when we're older now,it's even more harder to find friends that would actually comfort u when u're down or cook ur favorite soup because they know u're homecooked food sick :( ahhhhhhhhhh......all those memories.so precious.it's been more than a year already.so fast,so quickly.can the fucking time slow the fuck down because i still wish i was in Penang with them.playing and living in our own little bubble.IMY all :(
 someone pls invent a fucking time machine already!

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