May 10, 2012

Fitness thoughts

Most probably no one actually is reading my blog because I don't update and I'm boring and not popular but I'm gonna blog anyway.ok over the past months,I have notice the massive weight I've gained and all the comment I get about me being *ahem* overweight is kinda upsets me.i always thought I was ok size but all these remarks about being sad is making me sad.i am very upset.i don't like being called one I guess the only way for me is to exercise plus seeing my father constant battle with all kind of illness made me realize that I need to more healthy.yes I love food but I gotta love myself I spend a fortune in buying sportswear in hope I will discipline myself to start exercising.for 2 months I'll blog everyday what I do and eat to remind myself how badly I fail in this.wish me luck ppl.

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