Feb 16, 2011

the journey starts

so today i went to kuan yin tong for a story and guess what!!i get to throw mandarin orange onto the wishing tree :)) it's not easy to get the mandarin orange on it ah!i feel like i'm in some hong kong show like that!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA newayz during the night,i go see my baby brother again!ain't he cute?hehehehe naughty boy!so active!but when i left that time he cried.make me feel so sad only.i will miss him :((( i hate good-byes especially those that u won't know when u'll meet them again.i was so excited to see him again today.when i was young,i had everything so i hope he'll get the same.argh!i miss him so muchie!i miss him and Mr.D :( can't wait to go to kl and meet them after intern and hug them and kiss kiss them :)

newayz back to my tittle,i am going to blog everyday for 30 days on the diary of me exercising because i wanna see in 1 month how many days i can successfully go for exercise and what i eat!muhahahahaha i have to d.been gaining weight like crazy and complaining about it won't help so....this is exactly what i decided to do :) i am full on for this hehehehe so wish me luck ppl :)

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