Feb 21, 2011

Day 5

ok my aunt from england came back for holidays and *ahem* she brought like tons of junk for us to eat!i am officially a junk addict and on top of that,those food from CNY also not yet clear!*gasp* there goes my plan of being thin la.i think i just give up ni la ish!newayz today i very semangat walk 3 rounds and jog half round.HAHAHAHAHAHA next purchase have to be a sport bra *shy* itu manyak important so ok la.when i free i must go get a sport bra d :) *blush* my aunt will be here 2 weeks and she wants to eat all the "malaysian" food.hmmm.....that's it la!gone down the drain d the hope of losing a few pounds.newayz tml morning dim sum with aunt and grandma.....gotta sleep.nights.

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