Dec 24, 2010

we just wanna spread some love

as u all know,i'm in ipoh now and in ipoh there's not much choices u have in meeting heaps of people during the night.the most happening place in ipoh is ipoh garden every night since the day i am back,i've been there.even mr d is super familiar with that place d!HAHAHAHAHA so let's give way to the pictures shall we?

this is us in barbeza.was trying to pose with the make-up xian did for me but sadly,can hardly see.she "painted" my face in barbeza =.=" i know right?

this is her painting smita's face!HAHAHAHA xian is our new PERSONAL make-up artist now!
this picture is epic!i know she's so gonna curse me when she see this but i can't help it!is so funny!she was talking while putting lipstick on!

so the next day we meet up with xian in ipoh parade.we sat and chat and gossip until we got tired,we went and walk around.we bought like fake cheap eye lashes!it was farking cheap i tell u!3 pairs for rm5 u know.we also bought earphones and then balik rumah!before we headed for lush,i went to xian's house to get my face painted.SYOK!hahaha i love ppl doing make-up for me HAHAHA i damn lazy i know!then for the very first time,i had eye lashes on!HAHAHAHA i was weird at first but then later on it was ok.lush was freaking empty because barroom had reopening!so we had the whole lush to ourselves :))))
me and xian.i am her art work!HAHAHAHA
nice horr the effect?
dun ask!
minum minum!ladies night ladies minum free!
me and love
and then he decided to pimp some other girls!HAHAHAHA
so after fooling around,we went to abc to makan then balik.i balik hardcore sober!itu 2 biji manusia!HAHAHAHAHAHA let's just say that drink kept coming their way!reached home of coz i must camwhore abit!i love the make-up she did for me mah!HAHAHAHA

so that's how the night life in ipoh.sorry for the massive loads of pictures but i am in love with macbook's webcam HAHAHAHAHA and the make-up and the eye lashes!while xian is here!must fully make up like that and take heaps of picture or not i'm afraid no one will make up me anymore!HAHAHAHAHA


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