Dec 23, 2008


fucking hate him!what is his problem?oh yala now i in singapore he's in ipoh very lonely!what do i fucking care??everyday wanna argue wif me.....what the hell?oh yala i go out wif guys means merajuk la i muz pujuk back la....i dun sms him la this la that la then now?he go out with bunch of gals i muz commit suicide la??i muz go jump and die off is it?stupid fucker!then nvr sms me all.....i'm in singapore hello?bodoh!sms expensive ok?u think what?dah lah u poor somemore wanna talk so much!no as if u're paying my expenses ok?u cant even pay for urself somemore talk so much!excuse me in case u dunno,u dun even haf time for me ok?even if i do haf time ur english sucks to the max!u cant even reply my sms properly!u all can do is oh mmmmm ah...............u call that replying ah?better dun reply la!alwiz say got ntg to say to me so wat am i suppose to say to u?mmm.....oh.....ah...... like u ah?idiot!wasting my money ni!stupid fellow!so lik to stay in ipoh stay la!!!!what do i fucking care?i dun care!seriously lorr u dun lik my frenz fine la.......then i muz lik ur frenz is it now?i aso dun lik them i aso got ntg to say to them!they mature their problem la!y muz i act lik them!excuse THEY ARE UR FREN!!not mine!ntg to do wif me aso!i dun care!u anti-social wif my frenz rude play psp in front of them lik a 3 year old kid then be it la!!none of my business!i dun do that!u ask me go out i aso buat bodoh go out ni merr...........they talk what i aso layan ni merr.....unlike u fucking childish!plz la alwiz ask me act mature then u leh?alwiz wanna seek attention!plz la......everyday see u i aso bored la!u got ntg special alwiz do the same routine!u wan me do wat?i'm so bored of u,any new idea u come out aso i dun feel a thing because u're boring!fed up!boring!aihz..............what am i crapping here?yes i cant sleep and i'm not happy!i cant sleep!he alwiz make my life miserable!ever since that day life sucks wif him!he and his insecurity!so sked then juz break up ni la!save everyones pain!ish!!benci nye!ok now lepas geram d!finish bullshitting d!aihz

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