Nov 13, 2008

sick today!2 days mc!!wth!!gone la all my m.c!!aiyah whatever la...........canot tahan d!wakakaka aihz bored but glad coz tired!sick and tired d!hehehehehe something wrong wif my counter!!but i canot believe so many ppl come visit my blog!!there is actually human outside reading my blog??????????????????????????omg!!!!hahahaha how memalukan all the non sense i wrote!!hahahaha newayz yala................................i'm juz gona announce this to the world I'M CHANGING COLLEGE I'M CHANGING COLLEGE!!no more stuck in this place~~~yeah~~yeah~~~yeah~~yeah~~~ ok now i'm happy!!stastified!!hahahahaha ignore my stupidity!!i heard my club got election today!hmmmm well dun choose me for anything!!i might juz faint and burp and fart!!wakakakaka i'm sick and still hapy?ignore me ppl!!vomitting and shitting whole day made me happy and u know y?coz i feel i kurus d!!wakakaka damn non sense la me!cant help it!!!dunno what's wrong wif me!!there's something seriously wrong wif me i know but i duwan admit it coz i dunno what's wrong aso!!hahahahaha fine i'm crapping again!juz ignore me

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