Nov 13, 2008

now i'm officially a nerd!!N.E.R.D!i haf eye infection lik forever to get better and u know la my power freaking high!somemore wear specs!officially become SEPET la!!chinese eye!hehehehe cute?newayz i dun lik wearing specs actually!i feel whenever i wear specs i look ugly!!i dunno y!!i loose all my self-esteem therefore hardly anyone saw me wore specs but now hmp!!what to do?stupid eye!!i'm so gonna get laser when i got money!!i canot tahan get infection lik all the time!!no no no no no no no no!!!i bloody active right now not lik i'm sick but i am!!!!back to specs i still dun lik seeing myself wearing specs la ugly la!!!!!!!i dunno y!!some ppl look nice but i dun look nice wearing specs therefore i hope my eye get well and get rid of the specs plus i got braces!!lik super duper NERDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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