Nov 18, 2008

my bff

my bestest fren in that place!i will miss her the most and i will miss her the best!althought we are not lik those let's buy same baju and wear all but she is the one i love most in my college!whenever i got food or anything i would find her 1st!she'll alwiz been there for me!for better or worst!when i left i nvr say bye to her!and i feel really bad!i really wanna thank her for everything she done for me!i dunno what will i do without her!how would i go trough my days without her!really i owe her big time!i really wish i could spend 3 years wif her!she's really a good fren and we done many lame things together!i dunno la!i really miss her and i dunno when can i hang out again wif her!i hope her the best and i wish her well!i know she can do it and she'll be a great nurse!love u gal!!miss u lots!

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