Nov 18, 2008

i cant sleep

am i suppose to sleep coz it's 4.30am!yes i think so but i cant!i dunno y!argued wif him today!hmmmmmm well not in the mood to talk to him also coz I LOST MY VOICE!yes i lost my voice so whoever gonna call me on the phone i wont answer!dun worry!I got no voice to answer u anyway!even if i do i sound lik donald duck so dun bother calling!what i am doing is wrong but i did it!i can juz go back there and say ta-da i juz thought i wanna repack my things?wtf!who am i kidding!I AM QUITING LEAVING AND NOT LOOKING BACK!!good siew ee!think this way and u'll be fine!
aihz.....another career change!another course brain storming!y am i such a lousy person?everyone i know is doing fine and know what they wan in life!i dunno!i juz wanna sleep and ignore the world!yupe that's what i should be doing now right?nope not intersted right now!!juz wanna stare at the sky and blame myself for being foolish!!!
  1. coz i joined nursing and signed the contract
  2. coz i quit

yupe 2 biggest mistake in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now regret ah?no!happy to be home?not really!!argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM SUCH A FAILURE!OMG!!!so where do i go from here?what do i do now?where should i go?where should i start!what do i want?????i'm lost!lik a lost child!thank you!!!totally lost and i miss my frenz!all of them!!!AIHZ................................................

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