Nov 17, 2008

great sick aso muz do this do that!!i canot eager to see doctor one la........yala i gif cock and bull story all so i can get m.c!!yippee!!i got m.c!!how amusing????????m.c i nvr took before in life............ooOOOooOOoOoOoOOOOOOOooooooooooo............................i'm suppose to lie and get a m.c!!*note to self unless u faint and die at the road side dun go see a doctor coz it appears that u're well according to someone la* oh well ya next time i muz try better act right?eat all the medicine 1 shot!swallow all in 1 gulp and see u overdose anot!if not eat again and try till u overdose!i guess that would be fun right?opss not suppose to do that or else u haf to write show cause letter!oh ya next time see doctor plz wear uniform!as if it's not embrassing enough!!wear that big big name tag of ur's to show where u r from!oh ya all of them working there are "kind" ppl!then will politely send u in to see doctor coz y ppl lik us canot be sick u see!we're not human!!we muz bluff sick so we can get m.c u see!we will nvr fall sick!!we only know how to bluff sick u see!opss not we only mistakes it's only me......drink plenty of water and sleep!ya right!stop bugging me maybe i'll get plenty of rest!!!!!!!whatever la.....i'm so done wif it la!!yala i'm the only one doing cock and bull story i'm the oh so rebelious one!!i muz be uber pathetic to beg for m.c!!so whatever la....siew ee canot get sick one u know!!next time watch what u eat k?i might eat poison and then ppl tell no u're not sick juz ate poison u can wait like the others in the line!no big deal bcoz it's siew ee what!!!!!!!!alwiz aso sick what canot take m.c!she probably be faking it!!WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so sick of this place freaking sick!!!!

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