Nov 18, 2008


of all ppl i expected to call me.....cyrus loh mun hoe??????i duno where the hell he know i came back to ipoh!!i mean lik he alwiz fucked me coz of something i said last time and we our break up to him was lik a big major thingy!well good to see he's all healed up!u know what his advise to me?go back that place!NO!from the hell to the no!!NO!!never never never!i duwan to go back there!i took my things and no more turning back d!!i cant turn back d!yala he and shahman say the same thing la!suck up and go back there and change myself!wth???i admit la i got attitude problem!i nvr say i dun have but still..........whatever!i left d!duwan think d duwan think d!!newayz stupid cyrus hang up the phone juz lik tat!damn rude lik usual!and then he send a sms say sorry!freaking weird la he!!hahahahaha i dun even know y i dated him in the first place last time!hahahahaha newayz yupe it's the past d!gosh see how many post i post d since yesterday!!this prove how free am i la!!did i told u i missed my long hair???hahahaha i dunno la everyone say i look better wif long hair!hahahaha newayz it's ok's the least of my problem right now!i muz get my life back on track d!i took too many detours already!i muz get my things settle i really muz!aihz............

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