Nov 18, 2008

back in ipoh and can u believe i got so many time to kill!i wanna unpack my stuff but no where to put!i've been sleeping watching tv sms ing the whole day!i got so many time to kill off!gosh!i dunno what i wanna do!wakakakaka newayz i'm looking for my next road to take!what i wanna do!yesterday had a talk wif shahman!hmmmm.........he's right!i lik talking to him sometimes although all the other time we argue and talk bout unproductive stuff!oh well!that's y we're still frenz!cant be too serious all the time!muz haf time to play and chill.........i am still not recover yet!my voice pls come back!i need to talk normally and sound normal!hahahaha newayz i'm still bored!fine i should pack my things la.....aiyoh!!

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