Aug 5, 2008

pc fair sunday

on sunday i went out wif angel!hehehehe coz hostel no electric so ok la i wanna go pc fair all wanna cuci mata all!!hehehe so dress up a little better than usual coz klcc merr.....i hate it when they give u tat look as if u cant effort to buy that look!
ok la then i saw ipod!rm680!wakakakaka so cheap but bf disagree la!say waste money la useless la so i very sad la!but still i wanted it so badly!

while thinking went to makan la!!korean food!oh lord i'm nvr ever gonna go eat korean food anymore!plus it's freaking expensive!enough said!
jessime bought this roxy thingy!so nice!so nice!hahahaha this women spend rm900 for her vip number!CRAZY SAKAI!i have no comment anyway yes thank you for the wallet babe!
IPOD!THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!hahahahaha i bought it with my own money!hello?no shopping for 1 month=death sentence!so ya my beloved darling ipod!cant live without it!wakakakakakakakakakakakakaa
hahahaha my roxy shirt!ok i'm so obsess with roxy right now u can bet later on i'll buy everything roxy!yupe!

my roxy mug!so proud to own it!wakakakaka
after a tiring day spending lots of money!yupe this is the hasil nya!hahahahaha loving my life right now every moment of it!

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