Jul 31, 2008

this is my horrible look this morning!went for SCE hahahaha very sked very sked and i look fat ugly with full uniform on!dun ask me why but i still feel ugly!hahahaha newayz i didnt know going to the ward would be this fun!ok la i K.O staright after i came back from ward!i was sick yesterday so ya the medicine was super strong!once ni eat i cant even get up!wakakaka like i'm on drug or something like tat!hahahaha newayz all the patient that i saw was all nice old ppl~i bath 3 old man!hahaha yes i saw their penis!big deal!hahahaha yupe they were all very nice to me and my partner even we did all the procedure wrongly!cant help it ward is different!hahahaha newayz it's so much fun but at the same time i pity those patient and i dunno i have this mixed emotion that i dunno wat am i suppose to feel anymore but anyway the seniors were all very nice to us so i'm very happy bout it so i cant wait till my next SCE!hehehehe

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