Jul 31, 2008


can u believe i'm studyin on my own?improving!wakakakaka ok la i was bored and too many things happen this few days tat made me more anti social then before!maybe it's the sickness maybe things change mayb i saw something that i'm not suppose to see or maybe i'm not seeing wat i am suppose to see!whatever is it life is changing and friends like usual in groups in pack are moving and changing so ya i'll be alone juz like those other introvert!but it's fine wif me!i can move on!i'm alwiz me!ntg ever stoped me from doing so!aihz newayz yupe tat's that for today post and yes i still hate this science subject juz like the ppl discover it,IT'S BORING!!!so ya off to sleep now!tml wont be july anymore!new month new start hope for the best...........

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