Apr 13, 2012

Zouk@Sepang 2012

So this is like my second rave party and it was awesome.I am very lucky to get free VIP passes from wai yee :) and to top that i got free booze which is awesome.The music was awesome and the crowd was crazy but we were late for the party so it wasnt as tiring as future music festival was and i still felt like something was empty after the party ended.like not enough like that.hahahahahaha terrible child i know.Finally i got hear Dj Goldfish and Blink spin :)) with those amazing speaker?!it was better!HAHAHAHAHAHA and Afrojack was damn good ah.me and nadiah squeeze our way to in front to hear him spin.everyone was so nice to let us be in front.hehehehe Afrojack spin for more than 2hours.it was awesome :) and i am a little sad that it had to end so quickly :( hope there is more rave to come lerr.......seriously i am actually loving rave more and more now and i dun even know why.hmmmmmm....not sure if it's a good or a bad thing.

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