Mar 22, 2012

FMFA 2012

FMFA 2012 was awesome!This is the first time I partied 12 hours straight.The music was that good and I had so much of fun.The crowd was awesome and everyone seem to be enjoying themselves.So we reached Sepang around 1.30pm or so (I know,damn semangat right?hahahahaha) and i was burning hot.Thank God for our sunnies and sunblock lotion.It was kinda empty when we first reached there.
Our tickets
Empty stages before the performances started

Chilling in the first class lounge
My sexy Nadiah :)

Can't seem to leave my bb alone
It feels soooooooo good to be in the first class lounge
Empty stages
Awesome music
Nadiah and Wai Yee :)
What better way to cool urself down?

Flo Rida yo.Don't mess
Some people doing graffiti
View from first class
Foam stage babeh
And the night continues with even more awesome music

Towards the evening,I had sunburn,cuts,bruise and cramps but it was all worth it.every single one of it.The line up for all four stages was so good I didn't know where to go.I was tempted to attend all the gigs but I can't.So sad.By night time even more awesome gigs was playing but i couldn't feel my legs anymore.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was bathing in sweat and I smelt like some construction worker but it was all worth it.My favorite performances would be Pendulum,Bass Agents,Chemical Brothers,Flo Rida and Cosmic Gate.I can't believe it ended so fast.Anyhow I would like to thank Echosphere for giving me the tickets :) ♥

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