May 10, 2011

everyday we're shuffling

ok so last sunday i meet wif smita,kelvin,samantha and cypher as they were in penang.once they touch down penang,straight they dragged me to makan then upr.we sat at 1 of the bar in upr coz smita wanted to watch the match between mu and arsenal.kelvin and cypher was in the room while me,smita and sam head down to the bar for the match ah!check out who's being the boys now?
i forgot what's the bar name.sorry.but coz we ordered a tower of tiger,they gave us a plate of fruit.the grapes was awesome ah!i loved the grapes!damn sweet ah!so nice.then after that we headed to voodoo.dun ask me why but that was the only club open la on a sunday night.freaking empty (obviously) and we had the club lik all by ourselves.i dance lik nobody business like tat.i somemore went up to the dj and requested songs and they played all our songs ah!hehehehe all damn xaxau d after the club and it was lik 3 am.

there muka xaxau all

whoring themselves at the streets of penang.
♪everyday we're shuffling ♪

yea the song is still stuck in my head ah!!newayz we were hungry and all so bought some beer,some mee cup and chips and we headed to paradise beach.
enjoying her chips
this 2 happily sleeping

while this 2 busy moon tanning
they sang worship songs whole morning.dun ask me y!
personal beer opener!
we left at like 7.30 am.crazy right?i know!
the aftermath of everyday i'm shuffling!
kelvin's facial thingy!see it's for horny cell!wtf is horny cells?omg!this boy ah!no wonder so horny!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ya this ppl slept till God knows wat time!especially kelvin!!!sleep non stop!ish!!hahahahahaha newayz we checked out at 4.30pm and then went to makan at the famous cendol place.
smita and her char keow teow
ok i know i am pig.shiiii......!
otw to batu feringghi

tourist shoot!
with cypher
and sam
Align Centersmita doing her thing ♪everyday we're shuffling ♪

sam is confused is it sunset or sunrise.hmmmmmmmm.....(inside joke)

jumping shot.
smita found her love.if she could bring them all back she will!
last picture with kelvin before they leave penang :(

penang nvr looked this good without them.they bring me so much joy after been awhile in penang,the ppl u know in penang doesnt enjoy penang as much as the yeah being a tourist once in awhile is fun u know!we can do nonsense and not worrying about how ppl r gonna judge u!u're not from here,ppl dont know u well and all so it's fun!come soon ya guys!i wanna ♪everyday we're shuffling ♪ with u ppl!!damnit this song is still stuck in my head!!!

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