Apr 21, 2011

let's talk

finally i got my egg bens craving fixed!it's been months since i had my last egg bens!omg!hahahaha ya i know!damn enjoy life right both of us?nola!it's the freaking timetable for this sem screw us up lorr!ok la everyday our class have like 4-6 hour gap sometimes 8 hour gap!wat u wan us to do in between leh?go home and sleep?then i'll be too lazy to drag myself to class!plus nowdays penang weather is crazy!fucking hot ah!i can literally feel myself slowly melting ah!no kidding!newayz so for that 4 hour gap we went gurney to have our lunch and talk waste our time.

our lunch

and we camwhored in coffee bean and class!ok the class was rather boring coz he didnt do any lecturing instead busy telling jokes!so we decided to camwhore instead and fb and bbm and sms hahahaha damn horrible i know!i know maybe might puke looking at the overly too much pictures we took but wat to do?BORED MAH!apa boleh buat?ok actually nowdays my mojo for blogging has long gone but i cant sleep and i dunno wat to do online i tot i juz blog and rant some of my thoughts here!since it is my blog,so i can do whatever fuck i wan here la!hahahaha fuh!check out getting ganas!ok i am like a crazy person talking to myself in my own blog!freaky!k la this is too over!i am scaring myself now!i think i am mental!omg!how?

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