Jan 1, 2011


so how did u all spend ur NYE?happening?well mine was really simple.we went to gurney to watch movies.surprisingly it wasn't as packed as we thought it would be.we watched 2 movies back to back and then went to chili's to have our late dinner.super bloated!then went to shisha and mamak till 4 am!HAHAHAHAHA happening isn't it?i know many expect me to go club and all but nope.me and mr d decide not to club because we're just not in the mood to.too lazy and broke!imagine the amount u have to pay for clubbing!but overall it was a good NYE except for the fact that both of us is still nursing our sickness.damn kesian u know so for the first day of 2011,we're nicely nursing our flu :) so happy new year guys and have a great year ahead.

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