Dec 27, 2008


this is my sister and her bf!!they damn weird and wacky i tell u!!pening u see them!alwiz argue for no reason then scold us bising!suka bite me u know!!!!!!!!!crazy one ah!!!hahahaha newayz i'll be leaving tml dunno when can see them!sad!!my sister's bf can be annoying sometimes but he's really nice u know!dunno is it his nature of "mothering" ppl that's y la my sister alwiz bully him!!ask him do all the house work la!this fellow lik maid ni but good bf u know!!too bad ppl he's taken!!hahahahaha then my sister!nampak sebiji macam mak i!!garang la ganas la all in 1 la!hahahaha but actually very caring juz that meyampah la her way of caring!wacko one this two!!hahahaha i lik being wif them dunno y!juz then when my sister pms very menyampah one la!canot tahan!newayz gonna miss them lots!after this dunno when can see them!what am i talking they are coming back for CNY to torture me eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha newayz that's all la!wanna sleep d!!tml going back ipoh!aihz very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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