Dec 26, 2008


it's after 12am therefore it is friday!my last day in singapore.....kinda going lik wu-hoo can go back home!and kinda sob sob i'm missing the life here and the cute guys here in singapore!they are really cute ok?hahahahaha and all the shopping complexes!hello?ipoh built more shopping complexes ok?hahahahaha newayz went shopping again today!argh!my mind keep in thinking bout him,he and them!aihz........if i havent drank so much that day what will things be right?who will i finally choose?or did i even choose anyone?i wonder how are they now?i'm such a lousy gf i know!oh wth!it's been 1 month d!i'm tired!is he tired?are they tired?are they gonna hold on to all this anger inside them and hate me forever?up to them!their wish!!newayz i read my chinese horoscope today in suntec and it said "dun do anything stupid" aikz......what stupid things haf i done....let me see!hmmmmmmmmm.....lik millions that i dunno even know where to start??hahahahahaha lame!i've been reading everybody's blog being a busybody lik usual!and love hurts doesnt it when it end?does all love comes into an ending that someone will get hurt and haf restless night?aihz....thank God for shopping!i love shopping!it keep my mind away and excited when i get new things!hehehehehehehe i wanna buy harajuku gals prefume!will someone plz buy for me!i spent whole xmas shoping!syok!i'm loving it!heheheheheheheheheh wee~~~~newayz 2009 is coming i'm getting old!i hope 2009 will be a better year for me....i hope i dun make anymore dumb mistake and take things more seriously!i wanna be mature i duwan be a dumb kid anymore and may 2009 be a blessing for those who's reading my blog!wakakakaaakakakaka ok neeed to sleep!tml i shall continue shopping and bust singapore's economy!hahahahahahah muaxxx miss him,he and them!aihz

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