Nov 7, 2008

this blog is a celebration of my kesyok sendirian!little things that make me happy!i know not much ppl read my blog but i dun really care!it's alwiz been a place for myself!my alter ego!my freedom where my mind is free!there is once i remenber in class!erm english literature class!there's a quote from someone but dunno who which says "u can cage my body but u can never cage my mind!my mind will alwiz be free"so therefore this is where my mind is free and i can free my mind!duwan let it cage in my brain and i love to blog!i wil nvr get over the addiction of blogging i dunno y!I juz enjoy it and is overwhelming that i can blog so much and not sleeping!tml morning CONFIRM K.O!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahaha i guess i shall stop now i dunno what i wanna blog d!!!!!!!!hehehehehe

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