Nov 21, 2008


i went back to the place where i was born~PENANG~!!!hahahaha y suddenly go penang?dunno juz feel lik going penang!plus it's been such a long time i been to penang!hmmmmmmmmmm it changed alot!last time i used to stay in penang and i loved it although i dun speak a word of hokkien!!!hahahahaha i know!what kind of penang-born person am i?newayz i went penang looked around!it changed alot!lik super alot and i dun think i lik penang that much and i dunno y!mayb coz i cant blend in to the hokkien ppl?maybe i dun lik the roads there coz they are super small?maybe i dun lik the houses there?i haf problem wif small spaces!i love big compound that's y i love ipoh!!!big house but cheap!!hahahaha newayz i went there juz to look how penang really is!i think i round whole penang island and it doesnt appeal to me lik how it suppose to be??so small!i keep on thinking so small how to drive around la!!the most important thing is HOW TO PARK CAR LA???i'm a lousy parker!!i admit it loud and proud ppl!!i know penang everywhere is food!~yum yum~and got beach and got queensbay mall and later soon to come time square!!hahahahaha check out me promoting but anyway i dunno can i handle penang anot or maybe i should juz settle for kl!all my frenz are in kl so mayb i should juz settle for kl la.......i dunno la!i didnt really had a great time lik thought i would haf been and oh ya penang really and truely is a place for cine-ah-bing!oh who am i kidding the whole island is chinese of coz la cina-ah-bing!!bu newayz i was a nice holiday overall to get out of kl and ipoh to see new things!i lik seeing new things!hehehehehe

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