Nov 24, 2008

monkey ku

ini la monkey kesayangan ku
we berkenalan for only God's how long d
and our friendship will last till all our gigi tanggal
we been all the up and down,side to side,left and right
the day we know each other we knew we were meant for each other
u know why?
coz there is no other ppl will layan my non sense lik u do
even u kuat marah kuat merajuk and all also kuat
tapi with me by ur side u ni kuat gelak!
sometimes i might annoy u but u still love me
and sometimes u might annoy me but i still love u
together gather me make havoc,chaos
and when ppl see us all they want is to chase us away
they jeslous ni!
we're so happy together i dun think we're in the right mind most of the time
although jodoh alwiz play trick on us ever since we left school
tapi cinta kita lagi kuat
therefore we will still see each other
i dunno y last time we go so many things to talk
most probably all are non sense
but still we kept each other happy!
tanpa ku dalam hidup mu
alangkah sedih?
tanpa mu dalam hidup ku
siapa la mau main dengan i?
love u babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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