Nov 18, 2008

i only missed half of them!some of them i dun even wish to see them aso
my best roomates ever!!!!!!!!!

can u believe i left?i keep on thinking i'm going to work on wednesday!i muz iron all my baju but can u believe i left?juz lik tat!oh well i was being irrational i guess!mayb being childish!ok fine super childish!but i left!i left!nvr in my dreams i would think i will leave lik this!i guess it was over my limit d?i guess i was to sick to think nicely!is their words!it cuts me so deeply inside it hurts!it hurts so badly i HATE THEM officially!OMFG!if only u heard what they say to me!i am pissed!!ok fine forget that part!what should i do know other than wait for them to sue me?i'm lost!aihz i miss my frenz!i missed them lots!lik alot i dunno y!i miss my patient too!they are nasty sometimes but they cheer me up wif their nasty stuff!they remind me alot y am i still around!they remind me how cruel and fregile is life!is really is and sad!so ya that's y i loved posting alot!i really do love posting and they frame me of faking m.c to skip posting!i liked it so much and they frame me!wtf!i really dun un all this ppl!they act lik they know everything about student but actually they dont!i am pissed and sick at the same time!newayz i really missed my frenz back at the hostel there!some i really lik fuck ur face and get lost i duwan see ur freaking ugly face but some i really wanna hug them and say thankz alot for being there for me!they really done alot for me!i stuck by me even the worst situation i got in!and my roommates!my 2 roomate!first time got roomate and they were the best!!i tell u!!they clean up all my mess!i really missed them alot!alot alot alot!!!!

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