Nov 10, 2008

having mood swing now!!lik tarzan swinging on the tree!~weeeeee~ ok lik i told u i officially lost it!i aso dunno and no not having period!mayb coz period not yet come that's y mood swing!hahahaha dunno la TENSION!muz go get ice cream and eat!mood swing attack!i canot eat la!fat la!suppose to be diet ting ok?but for what dieat?how dieat aso fat geh!i accept the fact that i'm fat!so what?fat wont die one mah!canot wear nice shirt ni mah!ok now i'm sad coz cannot be thin!!argh!!i told u i mood swinging lik nobody business ni!tarzan will be so jealous of my talent in swinging!wakakakaka LAME! so not funny!argh what am i doing?gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!lazy wanna go work tml!lik it's so bored i wanna cry burp and fart at the same time!gosh!this is my 300th post!LET'S CELEBRATE!go get some ice cream!hahahahaha 300th post ni merr.................very great meh?i post so much in a day ppl probably dun even read my blog!hello?it's for urself to remenber?ya i'm talking to my evil twin inside me!ignore me!!wan i wanna do now other than makan?hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NTG! i wanna eat mcd and get those cute ear thingy those mcd ppl wearing!wakakakaka i'm super hungry now!how ah?tahan tahan tahan i wanna watch movie and look at ppl having sex!i see they enjoy it alot......i only watch sex scene sorry!porn gross me out!especially those weird porn!!yucks...............................there goes my craving for food!i lik romantic sex scene!makes me wanna love my future husband more(whoever is that) hahahahahaha see i juz read what u wrote and it's ridiculas!!what am i rambling la?God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hello?dun use God's name in vain!sorry God!ok who i shall call?forget it i'm not calling anyone!i'm juz gonna say GOSH!yupe!but oh my gosh doesnt sound nice aso!!aiyah!forget it la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAIYOH!!!like tat aso i wanna debate wif myself!i blame the overexcess of sleeping!i cant think of anything but sleep!wakakakaka oh ya i muz tell u a weird dream i got!!!dream bout my patient pressing the call bell non stop!gosh i go back hospital muz cut their call bell away!hahaha gtg bye

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