Nov 25, 2008


oh well today i pissed my dad off by telling him i duwan to study i wanna work!damn i should shut my mouth and ask him for his new car!i mean pinjam drive around aso can guar!!!i no more P license d worr......i consider myself ok on the road one k?hahahahahaha argh today went to pavillion to eat!my dad damn dumb!went all the way to pavillion to eat coz of this stupid tart he crave to eat!dumb!!!then jam and all!he ask me to drive his car!duwan!i duwan drive benz!i wana drive his new car!newayz i think my dad need to brush up on his driving skill coz it really sucks coz when u sit behind u feel lik vomitting so badly!!!!!!!!!!therefore is his driving skill sucks!!aihz going back ipoh tml!yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh ya canot upload picture dunno y!!aihz sadness

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