Jul 13, 2008

sunday in hostel

i came back to hostel today and found this gal tied her hair 2!hahahahaha too bored d i guess but wat to do?she was alone yesterday u see!hahahahaha
coz i brought my laptop this women used my laptop!hogging it!

so kesian me so i played wif my new baby la!!!hahaha can see the kesian face anot?sad right?

so we took pict!sorry i do not camwhore so we took pict!!hahahahaha

so it was like around 6 sumthing and we're lik waiting for this women to finish her blog!can see how she change place anot?
so we walked to old town to eat on the way we went bata coz ms flora wanna buy shoes all!!hahahhaha ya we took pict while she trying on shoe!
tada!see that women trying on the clothes!hahahahaha

so this is my dinner la!like this also RM5!add the drinks la!hahahahahaha so yupe now suppose to study but i blogging!wat to do?hahahaha

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