Jul 21, 2008

shopping sunday

ok on sunday i went out with my collegemates la.....i know go out aso muz take picture all but cant help it la.....this place make u like some kind of jakun all!everyday in hostel all so i very excited to go out all!ok la veli tiring la go out but ok la i still veli excited and come!wakakakakaka
this is angel!my asst class rep!hahahaha she's ok la!i love disturbing her la!

like usual this women will come wif me everywhere i go all so ya hahahaha then flora!how can leave her alone la!she'll shout at us and come!hahahahaha

  1. berkumpul in level 4
  2. go find cab to go bukit bintang but fail so sat cab to taman jaya and then took monorail to sg wang
  3. went to eat kfc and met angel's fren
  4. started to hunt for things on out shopping list
  5. kah mei's mum came
  6. 3(me,flora,jo went to pavillion)
  7. walked and bought stuff again
  8. tired
  9. went to kopitim station and eat(food there horrible terrible vegetable)
  10. went home
  11. very tired and come

so that's how we spend our time and money on the only day we got off!sad!

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