Jul 13, 2008

jo chai

my new best fren!JO CHAI!hahahaha tat's wat i call her la but we got alot of nickname for each other!!our chinese name is siew ee and siew yeng!so ngam right?then we got the same blood type hahahaha we're the anti social la!coz u'll see if there's siew yeng sure got siew ee one.....yupe that's how close are we.....i'm so shocked to see here and be so close!i admit i kinda doubt i'll be so fren wif here but now ya we're so close till other ppl aso canot tahan us d!hahahahaha yupez luv u jo!hahahahahahaha we're married to each other d since we have to serve assunta for 5 years which means 8 years together!yupe!!!old d tat time aihz.....dun remind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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