Jul 23, 2008

heart him to bits

  • my heart beats his name
  • i long for him
  • i'll wait til the day he'll do the same to me
  • he nvr did tat
  • i gave everything he wanted
  • i gave up everything for him
  • he counldn't see it
  • he took my heart away
  • now he broke my heart and went away
  • leave me empty and lonely
  • wat more do u want me to say
  • i still heart him to bits
  • but will he do the same?
  • no!
  • my heart now is gone
  • i do not have a heart beat anymore
  • my tears are all dry up
  • i could not cry anymore
  • he wont fight for me
  • i'm not worth for him
  • so he's worthless to me
  • but my heart still long for him
  • so wat am i waiting for?
  • i'll move on
  • and all i wanna tell him is i still heart him

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